State of Palestine: Gazans protest abolishing visitation rights for Hamas prisoners' families

Scores of protesters gathered outside the Red Cross headquarters in the Gaza Strip on Monday to decry Israel's recent decision to end visitation rights for families of relatives in Israeli prisons. Senior Hamas official Ismail Radwan was at the demonstration where he stated: «The Israeli occupation prevented the families to from visiting their prisoners especially the members of Hamas. We say... Еще that this is a crime against humanity. The steadfastness and the strength of the prisoners will not be broken. It will not stop the path of resistance.» Other demonstrators were seen burning images of Donald Trump and the Star of David. In January, the Israeli government called for restricting visits by Hamas family members from Gaza. Last month, Israel's Supreme Court ruled that it would not issue visitation permits to West Bank families of Hamas members held in Israeli prisons. The escalation followed a petition by family members of an Israeli soldier who died during Operation Protective Edge in 2014, and whose remains have yet to be returned to them by Hamas.

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