State of Palestine: Gaza’s $70 million airport now a toxic dump

Gaza’s $70 million (€58.9 million) Yasser Arafat International Airport which was once a symbol of Palestinian progress is now a toxic rubbish dump, footage showed Tuesday. The airport first opened in 1998 to great fanfare and had a capacity to transport 700,000 passengers a year flying to eight destinations. Its design was based on the Casablanca airport and the project received funding from... Еще several countries. However, it closed shortly after the Second Intifada in 2001. Following a succession of wars between Israel and Hamas, the airport never reopened. On a tour of the ruins, Director of Ground Equipment Omar Shaheen lamented the airport’s fate. “The airport closed and was destroyed to become what it is now: barren land. There is not even a grain of stone that can be found on the ground.» Residents of Gaza are now forced to use the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, although this route is intermittently closed.

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