State of Palestine: Clashes break out at al-Nakba demonstration near Nablus leading to injuries

The Israel Defence Forces dispersed a group of demonstrators at an event to commemorate the al-Nakba in the village of Sawiya near Nablus on Friday, reportedly causing at least five injuries. Army soldiers fired flash grenades and tear gas into the crowd of Palestinians waving flags and listening to music during demo marking Nakba Day, the day Palestinians were displaced following the creation... Еще of the State of Israel in 1948. Demonstrators appeared to engage in heated tussles with the army members present, which escalated to the point of physical altercations causing injury. «These Zionists have no right to be present at this geographical point, and they always claim that we are terrorists. We are not terrorists. You see everything that exists here that does not possess arms and does not have any kind of resistance except with our hands. They are terrorists,» said Gouda Aboras, an activist who was present at the demonstration. Taking place every year on May 15, Nakba Day recognises the date of the declaration of the State of Israel, which brought a mass of exodus Palestinians from their traditional settlements to neighboring countries, where many still reside as stateless refugees.

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