State of Palestine: Activists decry Trump's 'deal of the century' during weekly protests in Bil'in

Several protesters rallied to oppose US President Donald Trump's proposed 'deal of the century' for the Middle East in the village of Bil'in, near Ramallah, on Friday. Protesters marched holding banners against the plan and set tires alight, while some climbed the wall and attempted dismantling a section of the chain link fence on the top of it. Protesters could also be seen hurling flaming tires... Еще and stones over the wall. “Our message today, in the village of Bil'in, is that even with this so-called 'deal of the century', Palestinian refuse it,” said Mahmoud Zwah a member of Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission. The rally, which followed Friday's prayers, also marked the fifteenth anniversary of the Bil'in uprising against the wall. Trump unveiled his set of proposals to put an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on January 28, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The plan was rejected by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as being one-sided in favour of Israel.

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