State of Palestine: Abbas re-elected as PLO chief

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was re-elected as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation's (PLO) Executive Committee on Friday, after a four-day meeting by the Palestinian National Council (PNC) in Ramallah. Abbas said that the factions of the PLO unanimously elected the 15 members of the PLO Executive Committee. «I present you my list of this committee which has been formed with... Еще the agreement of the all factions including Fateh movement, the Democratic Front, The People's Party, the Palestinian Liberation Front, Arab Palestinian Front, People's Struggle Front, Fedaa Party, The Palestinian Arab Front, and the National Initiative Movement. These national figures all participated in forming this list, so that you know that we only take the hard decisions when we need to, and it happens with difficulty, after long and painful discussions,» said Abbas. Abbas added that there are still three vacant seats in the PLO Executive Committee «because we do not want anyone to be excluded from the national unity and because we do not like exclusion.» During his remarks, Abbas also announced that 17-year-old activist Ahed al-Tamimi will be named as an honorary member of the PNC

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