State of Palestine: Abbas excludes holding elections without Palestinians voting in East Jerusalem

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Palestine could not hold elections unless Israel officially approved and guaranteed people could also vote «in the heart of Jerusalem», during a press conference in East Jerusalem on Sunday. «We asked this question for all people who pressed us and no one can give a guarantee, and we do not accept guarantees in the air if we do not obtain official approval... Еще that we should hold these elections in the heart of Jerusalem. To the people of Jerusalem, I tell you frankly, we cannot hold elections,» said Abbas. The Palestinian President added his country went to the International Criminal Court where «within less than three months» proceedings will start, saying: «Those who assaulted us, we will hold them accountable.» Hamas agreed to President Abbas' request to hold parliamentary elections first, before the presidential elections in November. The last Palestinian parliamentary elections were held in 2006, which were won by Hamas, while the last presidential elections were held in 2005, which resulted in the victory of incumbent President Mahmoud Abbas.

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