State of Palestine: 17-yo recounts abuse by Israeli forces after iconic arrest by 23 soldiers

Seventeen year-old Fawzi Juneidi recounted the abuse he suffered at the hands of Israeli soldiers during his twenty-day-arrest at an interview in Hebron on Thursday. Juneidi was released from detention on Wednesday. The 17-year-old's arrest became iconic after photos of him being detained by 23 Israeli soldiers went viral. Juneidi was arrested in the West Bank city of Hebron while protesting... Еще against US President Donald Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and has been charged with 'throwing stones' at Israeli security forces. He was brought to the Etzion settlement army camp in northern Hebron. During his arrest, Juneidi described the alleged abuse he suffered at the hands of the soldiers, including being hit by a weapon and repeatedly beaten in a room of one metre width. Juneidi said: «They arrested me and took me to the container checkpoint. When we arrived at the checkpoint, they took me to a room with detainees. They threw me on the ground, and then they beat us for about 5 minutes.» The young Palestinian added: «I lost one my shoes and they took the other and poured so cold water on my foot and pressed on it and they forced me to sit on a spot of water in the corner.» Juneidi was released from detention after being transferred to Ramallah Medical Centre where he was treated for injuries including a fracture in his shoulder and nerve damage. After his family met his bail of 10,000 Israeli Shekels (€2,421.71) Fawzi Juneidi was reunited with his parents, family members and relatives. Hearing of his ordeal Governor of Hebron Mr. Kamal Hemaid met with the survivor in a special meeting, awarding him with a plaque for his bravery shown. Fawzi Juneidi is set to appear before an Israeli military court on 7 January for his actions during the protest.

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