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The last 24 hours have seen some shakeups in the forex markets, so make sure your broker has not tried to overcharge you. Euro/Dollar’s spreads have averaged at point 23 pips during the last 24 hours, peaking at 1.1 pips. The rate rose yesterday by point 52% or 58 pips, but most of the gains were given up after the high of 1 1274 was reached. Spreads peaked yesterday shortly after 3 PM GMT at... Еще 1.1 pips and both of the sides were point 8 pips apart as the Final Euro Zone CPI was out today at 9 o’clock. The Cable’s long term average spread is point 91 pips and max separation of 3.7 pips took place less than 4 hours ago. Long term high and low difference is 142 pips and it was posted as the rate advanced by more than 1%. UK retail sales report sent the spreads higher today at 8:30 in the morning, but you shouldn’t have seen a separation bigger than 3.7 pips. And last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 38 and 1.4 pips respectively. Last 24 hours have been bearish for this pair, it has declined by more than 1% or 104 pips. Spreads have been mostly calm and the max separation of only 1.4 pips took place yesterday minutes after 3 PM GMT during a decline. I’m Kiays Khalil and that concludes the Main Spike Controller for Thursday. Check back in throughout the day for the hourly updates.

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