Spike Controller

Hello, you're watching the main Dukascopy Spike Controller report for Wednesday, the final day of November. Euro/Dollar’s long term average spread is point 23 pips and maximum separation of 2.4 pips took place yesterday. Euro has been on a rise against the Buck, gaining almost 1% or 100 pips to reach the high of 1 0665. Spreads were at their highest point yesterday at 1 PM GMT as German... Еще Preliminary CPI was released, but you shouldn’t have seen a gap bigger than 2.4 pips. Pound/Dollar’s daily average spread is point 95 pips and maximum separation has been 4 pips. The Cable’s trend has been changing and the biggest move is a rise of point 59% or 73 pips. Second Estimate of the US GDP has had the most influence on the spreads for this pair, but make sure your broker hasn’t charged you more than 4 pips. Last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average of point 39 pips. Max separation of 2.9 pips took place less than 4 hours ago. The pair dropped by a total of 1.13% or 128 pips, but most of the loss was recovered in a following rise. Spreads peaked today at 7:08 in the morning, but the max of 2.9 pips lasted only a single tick. I’m Celeste Skinner and this wraps up Wednesday's primary Spike Controller, but do stay tuned for the hourly updates to access the benchmark interbank price data.

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