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Some markets are closed on this Friday, but don't let your broker take advantage by watching the Dukascopy Primary Spike Controller. A quarter of a pip is the long term average spread for the Euro/Dollar. Max separation has been 1.4 pips. Volatility has eased back, high and low difference is 59 pips and it was posted as the rate advanced by point 54%. No major spreads have been recorded over... Еще past 24 hours, max of just 1.4 pips took place yesterday at 11 PM GMT. The Cable’s long term average spread is slightly above the 1 pip mark and maximum separation has been 5.8 pips. Pound/Dollar has surged by a massive 2.26% or 280 pips to reach the daily high of 1 2657. Spreads were above their usual level for a number of ticks yesterday shortly after 11 PM GMT, peaking at 5.8 pips when rate movement was relatively calm. Last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 4 and 2.4 pips respectively. No single trend has formed over the past 24 hours, biggest move was a rise of point 73% or 78 pips. Spreads have been mostly calm, maximum of 2.4 pips took place yesterday at 11 PM GMT. I’m Jack Everitt and that's the situation thus far, but do stay tuned for the latest updates.

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