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Find out if news events have influenced the spread levels during the past 24 hours by watching the Dukascopy Spike Controller. Euro/Dollar has a daily average spread of point 34 pips. Max is point 9 pips and both of the sides were point 7 pips apart during the past hour. Single currency has depreciated against the Buck by a total of point 57% or 67 pips. Spreads have been relatively calm and... Еще the max of just point 9 pips was posted yesterday at 12:50 PM. The Cable’s daily average spread is point 89 pips and peak of 3.7 pips took place during the past 4 hours. Pound/Dollar took a slide, dropping by point 62% or 83 pips as the pair moved South of the 1 34 level. Spreads were slightly bumpy today at 8:30 as the Second Estimate of the UK GDP was out, but 3.7 pips is the most you should have been charged. And last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 39 and 1 pip respectively. The pair dropped yesterday by point 74% or 81 pips, but it has since recovered most of the loss. US Jobless claims report has had the most pressure on the spreads here, but 1 pip is the biggest gap you should have seen. I’m Kiays Khalil and that’s it for Friday’s Spike Controller. Good luck with your trades and click back for more.

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