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Make sure your broker is not overcharging you and compare their price feed with the Main Spike Controller. Euro/Dollar's long-term average reaches a quarter of a pip, maxing out at 1.2 pips. The pair has been inching higher, gaining point 37% or 41 pips from its lowest point at 1 0986. Spreads were at their highest after 11:15 yesterday morning, but 1.2 pips is the most you should've seen. The... Еще Cable's long-term average spread stands a touch above 1 pip, but the daily high is notably higher at 13.2 pips, and it was reached within the last 4 hours. Pound/Dollar has been trending North, and it's up by no less than 1.34% or 163 pips. UK inflation report was out at half past 8 this morning. Both sides separated just as the data came out, but the daily peak of 13.2 pips did not last longer than 1 tick. And last up is the Dollar/Yen with the long-term average and peak spreads of point 37 and 1 pips, respectively. This pair has seen both ups and downs, but the biggest move was a decline of point 47% or 49 pips. US Industrial Production was released at 1:15 PM yesterday, and spreads peaked at 1 pip a few seconds before that. I'm Celeste Skinner and this is how things look so far. Check back for the hourly updates if you have any doubts about your trades.

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