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It`s Wednesday and you`re watching the Dukascopy Spike Controller, where we`ll take a look at the benchmark interbank price stats for 3 non-cross majors. Euro/Dollar’s long term average and maximum spreads are point 28 and 1.3 pips respectively. The pair gained a total of point 61% or 72 pips, but some of the gains were given up after the high of 1 1845 was reached. Past 24 hours have brought... Еще no major shake-ups of spreads and max of just 1.3 pips took place yesterday at 7:40 PM GMT. The Cable’s daily average is point 75 pips and peak separation has been 1.7 pips. Pound/Dollar has walked in a total range of 50 pips and the biggest move was a decline of point 38%. Spreads were slightly elevated yesterday at 11 PM GMT, but 1.7 pips is the most you should have been charged. And last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has a daily average spread of point 29 pips. Max separation has been 1.7 pips. Trend has been shifting here and the biggest move is a rise of point 54% or 60 pips. No major separations have been recorded here as well, 1.7 pips is the line that shouldn’t have been crossed. I’m Jack Everitt and this concludes Wednesday`s Spike Controller.

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