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Start your trading week right and compare your broker's price feed with the Main Spike Controller. Euro/Dollar's long-term average reaches point 36 pips, and the daily max of point 7 pips was reached within the last hour. This pair has had a bearish start of the week, losing point 73% or 86 pips from its highest point at 1 1816. Euro Zone Unemployment data was released at 9 o'clock this... Еще morning, and spreads peaked at point 7 pips as the data came out. Next up is the Cable with the long-term average spread of point 96 pips. Spreads peaked at 2.9 pips within the last 4 hours. This pair is also off to a bearish start, as it's lost point 76% or 102 pips from its daily high at 1 3403. UK Manufacturing PMI was out at half past 8 this morning. Spreads remained elevated for a number of ticks, but 2.9 pips is as high as they went. And Dollar/Yen's long-term average and peak spreads stand at point 36 and 1.5 pips, respectively. The pair has been trending higher, gaining a total of point 54% or 61 pips, although it has since declined from its highest point at 113 06. Trading has been quite calm, and the daily peak of 1.5 pips was reached after 12:55 AM yesterday. I'm Jessica Walker and this was the Primary Spike Controller for Monday. Check back in for the hourly updates.

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