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The Dukascopy spike controller exposes dodgy brokers as we show you the spread levels you should have experienced over the last 24 hours. Euro/Dollar’s spreads have averaged at a quarter of a pip during the last 24 hours, peaking at 3.2 pips. Trend has been changing for this pair and the biggest move is decline of point 56% or 62 pips. Spreads were bumped slightly higher by the publication of... Еще the US FOMC Meeting Minutes yesterday at 6 PM GMT, but 3.2 pips is the biggest gap you should have seen. The Cable’s daily average spread is 1.11 pips and maximum separation has been 6.3 pips. Pound/Dollar declined by a total of 1.17% or 144 pips, before rebounding from the low of 1 2133. US FOMC Meeting Minutes have had the most pressure on the spreads here as well, but you shouldn’t have been charged more than 6.3 pips during this high importance event. And last up is the Dollar/yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 37 and 4.9 pips respectively. The pair rose to the high of 104 64 today shortly after midnight, but a following slide has defined the long term volatility of 109 pips. Spreads were volatile as the FOMC Meeting Minutes were released, but 4.9 pips is the line that shouldn’t have been crossed. I’m Jessica Walker and that’s all for now, but you can continue to monitor fluctuations in the spread by clicking back on the hour for the latest figures.

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