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The Dukascopy TV team helps you get the best deals from your broker with the Main Spike Controller. First up is the Euro/Dollar with the average and peak spreads of point 31 and 1.8 pips, respectively. Most of the last 24 hours have been bullish for this pair, as it has gained point 57% or 68 pips from its daily low at 1 1954. Spreads were at their highest after 11:26 yesterday morning, but 1.8... Еще pips is as high as they went. The Cable's long-term average reaches point 85 pips, and the daily max of 4.6 pips was reached within the last 4 hours. Pound/Dollar's single biggest move was a gain of almost 1% or 134 pips, although it has seen a correction this morning. UK Retail Sales were out at 8:30 this morning. Spreads peaked just as the data came out, but the daily max of 4.6 pips did not last longer than a single tick. And Dollar/Yen's spreads have averaged at point 29 pips over the last 24 hours, peaking at 1.4 pips. The pair has been moving in waves, but the daily volatility of 64 pips was posted during a rise of point 58%. The daily max was reached at 2:20 PM yesterday, but it did not exceed just 1.4 pips. I'm Jessica Walker and this was the Primary Spike Controller for Wednesday. Check back in throughout the day if you have any doubts about your trades.

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