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You can always access the benchmark interbank price data with the Dukascopy Spike Controller to make sure you are trading in fair market conditions. Euro/Dollar’s long term average spread is point 31 pips and both of the sides were 1 and a half pips apart during the past 4 hours. Seems like single currency once again eyes the 1 20 target as the pair rose by point 61% or 73 pips. Spreads have... Еще been generally calm and the max of just 1.5 pips took place today at 6:25 in the morning. The Cable’s daily average is point 8 pips and both of the sides were 1.4 pips apart yesterday. Pound/Dollar has returned above the 1 30 level after gaining almost 1% or 120 pips. Spreads were slightly elevated yesterday minutes after 11 PM GMT, but 1.4 pips is the biggest separation you should have seen. Last up for this report is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 31 and 1 pip respectively. Greenback has been on a slide against the Yen, dropping by a total of point 9% or 98 pips. Despite the volatile rate movement, spreads have been mostly calm, not exceeding 1 pip. I’m Jack Everitt and this was the Dukascopy Spike controller for Wednesday.

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