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The last 24 hours have brought some volatility to the forex markets; let's see if it's had any effect on spread levels. Euro/Dollar's spreads have averaged at point 3 pips over the last 24 hours, peaking at 2.2 pips. The pair went up yesterday, gaining a total of point 92% or 108 pips, but it has since declined from its highest point at 1 1790. The daily max was recorded after 10:09 yesterday... Еще, but 2.2 pips is as high as it went. The Cable's long-term average reaches point 74 pips, and the daily max reaches 4.5 pips. This pair has seen its ups and downs, but the single biggest move was a gain of point 52% or 67 pips. The Fed released the Minutes of its July meeting at 6. Spreads peaked at this time, but the daily max of 4.5 pips did not last longer than a single tick. And Dollar/Yen's average and peak long-term spreads stand at point 37 and 2.6 pips, respectively. The last 24 hours have been bearish for this pair as it's lost 1.15% or 128 pips. Once again, the peak spread was recorded as the Fed minutes came out, but you shouldn't have seen anything much higher than 2.6 pips. This was the Primary Spike Controller for Thursday with me, Celeste Skinner, but we will keep you posted with the latest updates.

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