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Dukascopy Forex TV Team is back with this week’s first primary Spike Controller, providing you with the benchmark interbank price data. Euro/Dollar’s spreads have averaged at point 44 pips so far this week, peaking at point 7 pips less than an hour ago. This pair has been trending South from the high of 1 1204, declining by point 32% or 36 pips. It’s a market holiday in the US and spreads have... Еще been calm, not exceeding point 7 pips. The Cable’s long term average spread is 1.34 pips and both of the sides separated by 2.4 pips early in the session. Pound/Dollar dropped by point 63% or 79 pips, but the pair has rebounded during the last 4 hours by point 48%. Spreads were above their usual level for a number of ticks today at 2:24 in the morning, but 2.4 pips is the biggest separation you should have seen. And last up for this overview is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 56 and 1.4 pips respectively. The pair dropped by a total of point 54% or 56 pips, before rebounding from the low of 102 81. It’s Columbus Day in the US and Health and Sports Day in Japan, so spreads have been generally calm, peaking at only 1.4 pips. I’m Jessica Walker and that’s it for Monday’s main Spike Controller, but we`ll be updating these statistics on an hourly basis, so do stay tuned.

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