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Make sure you haven't been overcharged and keep your broker in check with the Main Spike Controller. Euro/Dollar's long-term average spread reaches point 29 pips, whereas the daily max of point 7 pips was reached within the last 4 hours. Yesterday was quite bearish for this pair as it went down by point 7% or 83 pips, but it has rebounded from its lowest point at 1 1721. Spreads were at their... Еще highest after 7:22, but they did not exceed point 7 pips. The Cable's spreads have averaged at point 7 pips during the last 24 hours, peaking at 4.3 pips within the last 4 hours. Pound/Dollar started moving lower yesterday afternoon, and so far, it has lost a total of point 71% or 92 pips. Several news releases, including the UK inflation data, were out at half past 8 this morning. Spreads peaked just as the data came out, but you should question anything much higher than 4.3 pips. And Dollar/Yen's average and max long-term spreads stand at point 33 and 1.1 pips, respectively. The rate movement has been bullish, as the pair is up by almost 1% or 105 pips from its daily low at 109 43, but the trading has been quite calm. The daily max of 1.1 pips was reached after 5:48 yesterday. I'm Jessica Walker and this was the Primary Spike Controller for Tuesday. The latest data will be available throughout the day.

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