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We’ve reached the last day of the trading week, so let’s see what’s been happening on the FX markets with the primary Dukascopy Spike Controller. Euro/Dollar’s long term average spread it point 33 pips and the daily max is 2.4 pips. The pair gained point 7% or 82 pips to reach the high of 1 1786. The maximum spread was reached just before 12.30PM GMT yesterday as the US Jobless Claims data was... Еще released, but 2.4 pips is the line that should not have been crossed. Pound/Dollar has a daily average spread of point 68 pips anda max of 4.6 pips. After the daily high was reached, the Cable lost point 41% or 54 pips to reach the low of 1 2960. The maximum spread was reached at 12.30 PM yesterday here as well, just as the US employment data was released, but 4.6 pips is the most you should have been charged. And Dollar/Yen has an average and maximum spread of point 33 pips and 2.2 pips respectively. The movement for the cross has been generally bearish, posting a loss of point 91% or 100 pips and hitting a low of 108 91. Spreads again peaked at 12.30 during the US data release, but 2.2 pips is the biggest gap you should have seen. I’m Kiays Khalil and that’s the situation so far, be sure to check back in for all of the latest updates.

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