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Let's take a look at the maximum and average spread levels for the 3 non-cross majors during the last 24 hours on this Monday. Euro/Dollar’s long term average and maximum spreads are point 37 and 1.2 pips respectively. The pair has moved slowly lower, declining by point 33% or 39 pips to the low of 1 1723. Peak spread of 1.2 pips took place at 12:55 in the morning and both of the sides... Еще separated by point 8 pips today at 9 AM as the Euro Zone data was out. The Cable’s spreads have averaged at point 88 pips during the past 24 hours, peaking at 1.6 pips. Pound/Dollar has retreated from the high of 1 3151 by a total of point 41% or 54 pips. Peak spread of 1.6 pips took place today at 12:54 AM and they were up to 1.3 pips today at 8:30 as UK net lending to individuals stats were released. And last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has a long term average of point 33 pips. Max of 1.2 pips took place during the past 4 hours. Trend has been changing here and the biggest move is a rise of point 43% or 47 pips. Spreads were at their highest point today minutes after 7 AM as the pair approached the daily high, but 1.2 pips is the line that shouldn’t have been crossed. I’m Jessica Walker and that's all for Monday’s Main Spike Controller.

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