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Keep your broker accountable and compare their price feed with the Main Spike Controller. Euro/Dollar's spreads have averaged at point 3 pips over the last 24 hours, peaking at 6.5 pips. The pair has seen a bumpy decline, losing a total of point 82% or 94 pips. Fed Chair Janet Yellen was testifying before the Senate yesterday. Spreads peaked just as the text of her speech was released at half... Еще past noon GMT, but 6.5 pips is as high as they went. The Cable's long-term average and peak spreads stand at point 79 and 2.4 pips, respectively. The last 24 hours have been generally bullish for this pair, which has gained point 82% or 105 pips from its daily low at 1 2848. Spreads were at their highest shortly before 11:39 AM yesterday, but at no point did they exceed 2.4 pips. And last up is the Dollar/Yen with the average and peak spreads of point 34 and 3.1 pips, respectively. The pair's daily volatility of 86 pips was posted during a decline of point 76%. Fed Chair Yellen also shook up the spreads for this pair, but 3.1 pips is the most you should have seen. I'm Celeste Skinner and this was the Primary Spike Controller for Thursday. You may track the latest developments with the hourly updates.

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