Spike Controller

Start off your trading week with fair trading conditions and compare your broker's price feed with the Main Spike Controller. Euro/Dollar has had a slow start of the week, as its long-term average and peak spreads stand at point 33 and point 7 pips, respectively. The pair's biggest move was a decline of point 32% or 36 pips from its highest point at 1 1418. Spreads were at their highest shortly... Еще before 11:17 yesterday, but point 7 pips is as high as they went. The Cable's long-term average spread reaches point 84 pips, and the daily max is 1.5 pips. This pair went down this morning, losing point 4% or 52 pips. Trading has been quite calm, and the daily peak of 1.5 pips was reached at 11 PM yesterday. And Dollar/Yen's long-term spreads have averaged at point 36 pips, peaking at 1.1 pips. The rate movement has been bullish, as the pair gained point 39% or 44 pips from its opening low at 113 86. The daily peak spread was posted after 5:24 this morning, but it did not exceed 1.1 pips. This was the Primary Spike Controller for Monday with me, Celeste Skinner. Stay tuned throughout the day for the latest updates.

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