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It’s time for this week’s last primary Spike Controller providing you with the benchmark interbank price data for the 3 non-cross majors. Euro/Dollar’s daily average spread is point 3 pips and both of the sides were 1.9 pips apart yesterday. Rate movement has been mostly calm and the biggest move is a gain of point 47% or 52 pips. Spreads were slightly increased yesterday at a half past noon... Еще GMT during the US data run, but 1.9 pips is the biggest separation you should have seen. The Cable’s long term average spread is point 73 pips and maximum separation has been 6.3 pips. Pound/Dollar shot up yesterday by a considerable point 81% or 103 pips, but most of the remaining session has been calm. The Bank of England monetary policy statement did shake up the spreads and the rate yesterday at 11 AM. Spreads were increased for a number of ticks, but 6.3 pips is the line that shouldn’t have been crossed. Wrapping up this report is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 32 and 2.4 pips respectively. Last 24 hours have been bullish for this pair, it has shot up by a massive 1.59% or 174 pips. Spreads were at their highest point yesterday at a half past noon GMT during the US data run, but you shouldn’t have been charged more than 2.4 pips. I’m Kiays Khalil and this brings Friday’s main Spike Controller to an end. If you are in doubt about any of your trades, click back for the hourly updates.

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