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You're watching the main Spike Controller for Monday. Here's a closer look at the benchmark interbank price data. Euro/Dollar's long-term average reaches point 34 pips, and the daily high of 1.4 pips was posted within the last 4 hours. The pair has seen little movement, as the daily volatility of just 23 pips was posted during a rise of point 2%. German Ifo Business Climate Index was out at 8 o... Еще'clock this morning, and spreads peaked at 1.4 pips as the data came out. The Cable's average and long-term spreads stand at point 93 and 2.1 pips, respectively. Pound/Dollar has had a bearish start of the week as it's down by point 55% or 72 pips from its highest point at 1 2988. Spreads were at their highest after 11:01 yesterday evening, but they did not exceed 2.1 pips. And Dollar/Yen's long-term average spread is point 45 pips. Spreads peaked at 1.2 pips during the last 4 hours. This pair is down as well, having lost point 7% or 71 pips and reaching its lowest point at 100 43. Trading has been calm, and spreads peaked at 1.2 pips after 7:25 this morning. I'm Celeste Skinner and you've been watching the Primary Spike Controller for Monday. Check back in for the latest updates throughout the day.

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