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You're watching the Main Spike Controller for Friday. Here's a closer look at the benchmark interbank price stats. Euro/Dollar's average and peak long-term spreads stand at point 23 and 1 pips, respectively. This pair has been trending South, losing a total of point 57% or 64 pips from its highest point at 1 1258. Several news releases from the US and Euro Zone were out at 2 PM yesterday, and... Еще spreads peaked at 1 pip just as they came out. The Cable's spreads have averaged at point 91 pips over the last 24 hours, maxing out at 2.3 pips. Pound/Dollar has also seen a decline, as it's down by more than 1% or 132 pips from its daily high at 1 3121. Spreads were at their highest after 4:05 this morning, but they did not exceed 2.3 pips. And Dollar/Yen's long-term average reaches point 39 pips, whereas the daily max stands at 1.4 pips. The rate has been moving in waves, but the single biggest move was a gain of point 72% or 72 pips. Trading has been quite calm, and the daily peak of 1.4 pips was posted after 1:15 yesterday afternoon. I'm Jessica Walker and this was the Primary Spike Controller for Friday. Stay tuned for the hourly updates.

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