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The Fed shook up the spreads yesterday afternoon, so make sure you haven't been overcharged. The average and peak spreads for the Euro/Dollar reach point 26 and 5.8 pips, respectively. This pair is on the rise, having gained more than 1% or 115 pips from its lowest point at 1 1133. So the highly anticipated Fed statement was out at 6 PM yesterday. Spreads peaked just as the announcement came... Еще out, but 5.8 is the most you should've seen. The Cable's long-term average is slightly more than 1 pip, but the daily max is notably higher at 12.2 pips. This pair is up as well, and by a very similar amount, namely, more than 1% or 134 pips. Once again, the Fed was responsible for the peak spread. Spreads maxed out for a single tick, but make sure you haven't been charged more than 12.2 pips. And Dollar/Yen's spreads have averaged at point 46 pips, peaking at 6.1 pips. Dollar has declined against the Yen, losing 1.44% or 146 pips and stopping just short of a very important psychological level, but it has since recovered some ground. The Fed statement pushed the spreads for this pair as well, but 6.1 pips is as high as they went. I'm Kiays Khalil and you've been watching the Main Spike Controller for Thursday. Check back in for the hourly updates.

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