Spain: Yes or no? — Rajoy demands clarity over Catalonia independence

«We formally require the Catalan government to confirm if it has declared the independence of Catalonia, outside of the deliberate confusion created regarding its entrance into force. This requirement, previous to any measures that the government can adopt according to article 155 of our constitution, intends to offer citizens the clarity and security that such an important issue requires. With... Еще the decision adopted today, the government wants to offer certainties to Spaniards, especially to Catalans, and wants to avoid the confusion generated by the authorities of the Catalan government regarding an issue that both affects and concerns them. The response that the Catalan Generalitat president gives to this requirement will mark the future of the events of the following days. If Mr. Puigdemont manifests his willingness to respect legality and re-establish institutional normalcy, it would end a period of instability, tensions, and bankruptcy of coexistence. That is what everyone wants and expects, what has been demanded with insistence. It is urgent to end the situation that is being experienced in Catalonia, it is necessary for tranquility, security and appeasement to return, and that they do so as soon as possible. In the answer to the requirement that today has agreed to transfer the government, Mr. Puigdemont also has the opportunity to heed the cries and petitions that have arrived from so many areas to recover harmonic coexistence and juridical security in Catalonia. On my part, I will continue to act as before, with prudence and responsibility, always keeping in mind the well-being and general interest of Catalans and Spaniards as a whole. Thank you very much.» Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has requested Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont to confirm if he has declared the independence of Catalonia, during a press conference in Madrid on Wednesday. Puigdemont signed a declaration of independence on Tuesday, but halted its execution to allow for negotiations. Rajoy stated that this requirement of clarity is necessary before the Spanish government can adopt any measures according to article 155 of the constitution. Rajoy accused the Catalan government of deliberately creating confusion, and said he wants to offer «clarity and security» to citizens. He then called on Puigdemont to «respect legality and re-establish institutional normalcy.» Article 155 of the Spanish constitution has never been applied in Spain. It would permit Rajoy to suspend Catalonia's autonomy and apply direct rule from Madrid.


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