Spain: Women unite after wife-killing man suspected of murdering lover-defence lawyer

Over a thousand demonstrators gathered in central Zaragoza on Friday night to protest gender-based violence, after a high-profile case shocked Spain. A man convicted of killing his wife in 2003 is thought to have murdered his defence lawyer, with whom he was having an affair, before taking his own life on Friday. Jose Javier Salvador Calvo, 50, jumped from a bridge in the eastern town of... Еще Teurel when confronted by police. He was found guilty of shooting dead his wife, Patricia Manuel Conte, 29, in 2003. After his release in 2017, the killer began an affair with Rebeca Santamalia Cancer, the lawyer who defended him at trial. She was found dead with knife wounds in Salvador Calvo's home in Zaragoza. The case sparked a debate about violence towards women nationwide.

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