Spain: 'We have to defend Spain till death' — Unionists rally for security forces in Barcelona

Scores of unionists gathered in Barcelona’s Artos square on Saturday, in solidarity with Spanish state security forces. Protesters took to the city streets with motorcycles and cars. Several were seen waving Spanish flags as they headed towards Barcelona port, where the National Police and the Civil Guard are stationed on two cruise ships. According to one of the protesters, Luis Oliver... Еще, security forces have remained in Barcelona «for many days” and “without seeing their families.» “They are not having a good time, [because] they have had many insults from the people [supporting] independence”, he said. Wrapped in Spanish flags, unionists chanted nationalist songs and slogans including «you are not alone» in reference to the police. One of the unionists stated during the rally that «Catalonia is Spain, and will always be Spain», adding that, «We have to defend Spain till death.»

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