Spain: 'We have the right to express ourselves' — Voters gather at referendum info point

People continued to visit a centre at the University of Barcelona, on Saturday, to get information regarding Sunday's upcoming Catalan independence referendum. One woman expressed her fear that the Spanish authorities may still prevent the vote from going ahead, saying, «There are a lot of people that are doing everything they can and even more, so everything goes well. But the State... Еще Authorities are really harsh and will do all they can to avoid it.» Meanwhile another Barcelona resident maintained, «We have the right to express ourselves.» Catalans could go to the information point to receive ballots and to find out where they are able to vote. The information was distributed via websites as well, but most of them have been closed, leaving some still in the dark as to their nearest polling booths. The Spanish government has deemed the referendum «illegal.» The Constitutional Court suspended the Catalan referendum law, following an appeal from the Spanish government. It will be suspended until the court reaches a decision.

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