Spain: 'We have enough of a police force to face October 1' — Catalan Interior Minister

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont met with security officials, the Interior Minister of Catalonia Joaquim Forn and in Spain's Secretary of State of Security Jose Antonio Nieto, among others in Barcelona ahead of Catalan referendum on independence, Thursday. «We have enough of a police force to face October 1,» assured Forn before continuing, «a greater police force was sent, per our request... Еще, to face this day and this reality that most probably will bring thousands to the streets, who will want to cast their ballots, who will want to demonstrate and express their political will and their right to decide.» The Catalan government has called a referendum on October 1 that has been deemed «illegal» by the Spanish government which has ordered regional police to take control of polling stations. «The suspension of the referendum is planned to be held on October 1. Like you all imagine, we haven't received an affirmative answer to this request,» stated Nieto.

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