Spain: Voters react to far-right victory for Vox in Murcia

Murcians reacted to the victory of the far-right Vox party in the autonomous region on Monday after it picked up more votes than Spain's two main parties: the Socialists (PSOE) and People's Party (PP). «What has Vox won? Oh my God. Well then, it is the best political programme I have read,» said one local. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's governing PSOE won the highest number of seats, but failed... Еще to secure an outright majority, with Vox causing a stir by becoming the third political force in Spain. «It seems a bit sad. I think the rise of Vox seems a bit sad, especially since we laughed that in the rest of Europe there was Le Pen and company and we thought that that was not going to come,» responded another voter. Locals were mostly not surprised by the far-right party's victory, saying it is the result of long-standing dissatisfaction and a desire for change. That said, not everyone agreed with the party's complete programme. Spain's fourth election in four years ended in deadlock. The poll came after failed attempts to form a coalition in the aftermath of this April's election.

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