Spain: 'Viva Espana' — Thousands rally in Madrid against Catalan independence

Thousands of people gathered in Plaza Colon in Madrid on Saturday to protest in favour of Spanish unity and against Catalan independence. Organisers estimated a presence of 150,000 people, while a government delegation estimated 50,000. The protest was organised by Foundation Denaes, a foundation 'for the defence of the Spanish nation.' 50 civil society groups, of differing political views... Еще, took part in the protest. Protesters were holding Spanish flags and chanting slogans such as 'long live Spain,' 'jail Puigdemont,' and 'we don't dialogue with coupists.' One demonstrator called on the government to apply article 155 of the constitution, which makes provision for the central government to take control of an autonomous region, 'because the national interest is not being defended.' Another demonstrator called the Catalan referendum 'a coup.' Catalan leaders have not reconsidered plans to declare independence, possibly next week, following a referendum with 43 percent turnout where 90 percent backed independence from Spain.

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