Spain: Violent clashes erupt between protesters and police in Barcelona

Thousands of Catalan independence supporters took part in a demonstration in Barcelona on Saturday, where violent clashes erupted near the national police headquarters. Protesters can be seen getting into physical altercations with riot police. Several police vehicles later arrived at the scene in an attempt to disperse the demonstrators. Tear gas was deployed by officers and fire fighters had to... Еще step in as protesters set bins and other rubbish on fire. One person can be seen being taken away as another tried talking to police. Protests started in Barcelona and other major cities of Catalonia after nine pro-independence leaders, who had organised the 2017 independence referendum, were found guilty of sedition, disobedience or misuse of public funds and were sentenced to between nine and 13 years in prison by the Supreme Court of Madrid. Since they began, hundreds have been injured in clashes and dozens placed under arrest.

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