Spain: Very last voters hit the polls for Catalan election

Catalonia closed its ballot boxes at 20:00 on Thursday, after a massive participation on the snap Catalan regional election. Footage shows final voters casting their vote at a polling station in Barcelona. The day was reported to be very calm, with no major incidents as one Barcelona polling station member explained, “there were no incidents here, and the information we have is that... Еще everything was very calm, with no problems, or at least, not serious ones.” Another described the exceptional conditions of these elections, “This is pretty abnormal because part of the candidates are in prison, and cannot expose their positions. Also, there are candidates who are in provisional release.” Local media say that the final voter turn out is expected to exceed 80 percent. The last official update was at 18:00 and marked 68.32 percent of participation, which is significantly higher than the 2015 elections which reacted a peak of 63.12 percent. The election was called by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on 27 October 2017, when the Spanish government fired the Catalan leaders and dissolved the parliament that staged a unilateral referendum on separating from Spain and voted to establish an independent republic.

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