Spain: Venezuelan ambassador dubs Trump 'a crazy warlord' amid call for intl. aid

Venezuelan ambassador to Spain Mario Isea denounced US sanctions against Venezuela, in a press conference on Friday in Madrid, referring to US President Donald Trump as the “crazy warlord of our time” and called for the international community to intervene in support of the Venezuelan government. «The blockade against Venezuela and its people does exist and it is executed fundamentally by a... Еще president that we have to sadly label as a crazy warlord of our time,» Isea said, demanding «the international community for a humanitarian intervention to keep the peace and save lives.» He added, «The constant rhetoric of bringing peace, democracy, food to countries; this was the speech George W. Bush used to justify the genocide against Iraq.» The ambassador further accused the United States of trying to «accelerate the collapse, even though it causes people to suffer for a period of months or maybe even years.» Venezuela has been in political crisis since January 23, when opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim-president in a move now recognized by over 50 countries including the United States and the European Union.

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