Spain: Valencian football association introduces positive GREEN card in youth leagues

The use of a recently-implemented green card in Valencian Community youth football was demonstrated on camera at a match in Valencia on Saturday. According to Jose Enguix, President of Referees Committee of Valencian Community, the introduction of the green card is aimed at enhancing sportsmanship. The referee of the match, Andres Fuentes Molina, said he thinks that the green card was «a good... Еще gesture, a positive reinforcement and it encourages sportsmanship.» «The players take it as something positive, something like a prize, they feel fulfilled. At first it is true that the measure is being implemented little by little and they have to get used to it, but I think it is something very positive for everyone,» he added. According to reports, the card is set to be given to players, staff, or spectators who undertake actions which prevent aggression, insult or intimidation of the referees, as well as contribute to the general sportsmanship of a given youth football match.

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