Spain: Unionists and ‘United against Fascism and Racism’ protest hit Barcelona streets

Two opposing protests marched through Barcelona on Saturday. Catalan secessionists marched beneath the slogan 'United against Fascism and Racism', while Spanish unionists held their own rally. The 'United against Fascism and Racism' decried acts of aggression and series of assaults reportedly committed by members of the far right against residents and journalists in Catalonia and Valencia in... Еще recent weeks. The protest was headed by the organisation ‘United against Fascism and Racism’ and was joined by some 130 other groups and under the same slogan, who marched down the streets denouncing violence against separatists. At the same time, pro-Spanish unionist groups appeared on the streets, carrying Spanish flags and chanting nationalist slogans. A heavy police presence ensured the demonstrations remained separate and could be carried out peacefully by both sides. The demonstration took place two days after Barcelona City approved a measure that could prevent far-right rallies from taking place in the city, as a response to the recent spike in violence against activists and separatists.

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