Spain: Town of Ripoll rocked as residents arrested in connection with attacks

Residents of the small town of Ripoll expresed their shock as police raided homes and arested some locals in connection with Thursday's attacks that left 14 people dead, Saturday. According to reports three suspects and residents of Ripoll have been detained. One resident, who lives in the same block as suspect Driss Oukabir, said, «We are perplexed, very shocked because as we were getting all... Еще the information and the details, of faces known to us we had one of them living in our neighbourhood, so you get shocked.» Oukabir was arrested on Friday, on charges of being involved in the attack that police believe to be carried out by his younger brother Moussa Oukabir, among others. Security councillor of Ripoll City Council Maria Dolors Vilata stressed that an atmosphere of uncertainty has spread amongst the residents of the Ripoll, stating that the supects were integrated into the society, «They went to school, they did activities outside school, they were living in apartment’s blocks with families whose grandparents already lived there. There had never been any problem.»
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