Spain: Thousands of Palma locals march against unsustainable mass tourism

An estimated 3,000 people rallied against mass tourism at the Plaza de Espana, Saturday, which they claim is unsustainable and negatively impacting the city's wealth equality. Palma locals and ecologists condemned the Spanish government's tourism policy, specifically criticising how the nationalist vice-President Biel Barcelona has handled the Ministry of Tourism. Demonstrators demanded a... Еще radical change to rent tourism, which they claim is a root cause for why rent prices have soared in recent years, as well as stating that there has been labour exploitation and environmental degradation due to the tourism boom. «More tourists mean more social inequality and less wealth distribution,» said one protester, as another pointed out that sustainability was out of the question when the island, which has a population of one million, is «visited by 16 million people over the year». Protesters marched through the streets of Palma holding banners reading «widespread growth explodes and exploitation kills», and «the city for who lives in it and not who is visiting it» as they chanted «tourists go home».

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