Spain: Thousands of Civil Guard and National Police rally for equal pay

Thousands of National Police and Civil Guard officers rallied in Madrid on Saturday to protest against the salary gap between them and their regional colleagues in Catalonia and the Basque country, who reportedly earn more. A National Police truck opened the path and demonstrators walked behind a main banner that read “equal pay now” One of the Civil Guard participants claimed that “we are the... Еще most valuable, [but] the worst paid and we need justice done with our salary and with our work.» Stated a police protester, «also other types of conditions: greater legal protection, more training, and the same job same salary.» The demonstration brought together officers from all over the country. Jusapol, the organiser of the event, said 100,000 protesters took part, while the Government Delegation in Madrid said there were 30,000 participants.

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