Spain: Thousands march against Catalan independence

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Barcelona on Sunday to show their disapproval at the Catalonian independence movement and to demand the continued unity of the Spanish state. Various political leaders participated in the action, calling for a peaceful non-destructive resolution of the crisis, based on national and constitutional law. Minister of Development Jose Luis... Еще Abalos urged Catalans to defend the integrity of the Spanish state and the constitution. «It is our meeting point, it is a point of unity, of the maintenance of coexistence. And it has nothing to do with separation, or expulsion or any kind of fundementalism that may arise,» he said. One of the demonstrators, 65-year-old Irma, expressed her outrage at the separatist movement. «Barcelona is [part] of Spain and Catalonia is [part] of Spain. And we are in Spain. Those that don't like it — take a boat and go away! There are no borders and nobody puts a pistol to anyone to remain here» On Saturday, a pro-independence protest brought together at least 350,000 people. Violent clashes later broke out between police and some of the demonstrators.

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