Spain: 'They will not pass!' — Thousands march against fascism in Valencia

An anti-fascist march drew thousands of people onto the streets of Valencia on Saturday, in protest against clashes reportedly provoked by right-wing groups on October 9 for the Day of Valencian Community. Small groups of right-wing activists positioned themselves along the marching route, from where they heckled the procession with chants and a display of flags from Spanish and Valencian... Еще Communities. High numbers of police officers made sure both sets of protesters were kept at a safe distance. Several counter protesters, who were draped in Spanish flag and Valencian flags, were removed from the scene by police officers. No other major disturbances happened during the day. Valencia celebrates Comunidad Valenciana on October 9 with a flag parade, during which the Valencian community's flag, the Senyera, is carried from the City Hall through the streets to the statue of James I. It is a historical commemoration of when King James I officially seized control of Valencia from Moorish forces in 1238.

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