Spain: «There will be no illegal October 1-st referendum» — Madrid

The Spanish government declared that there will be no Catalan independence referendum on October 1st, stating that doing so is both unconstitutional and illegal, Friday. Speaking to at a press conference in Madrid, Inigo Mendez de Vigo, the government spokesperson, said that both the European Council and the Spanish government had ruled against Catalonia's attempts to secede. «I insist: there... Еще will be no referendum on October 1st. It won't happen because, as I've said, it is not just the government but also the Venice Commission, the supreme advisory body of the European Council which rules on legality of electoral processes,» de Vigo said. «It is based on illegal premises. The state and the government's obligation is to stop this election from materialising,» he continued. «The very idea of holding this referendum clashes the constitution. Not a single European document, not a single one, recognises the right to secede.»

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