Spain: The sweet taste of democracy? Catalan bakery makes pro-referendum cakes

The Pastisseria Verdi bakery in Barcelona has started making ‘Democracia’ cakes to encourage people to vote in the Catalan independence referendum on Sunday, as shown in footage shot Saturday. The cakes are made in the shape of ballot boxes with protruding ballot papers. “It’s a democracy and you have to vote and this oppression that has been. They don't let us vote,” Ricard Pujol, an employee... Еще of the bakery, said, adding “I thought about making a cake that showed that it must be voted on, that one must be able to vote and that there is no problem.» The Spanish government has deemed the referendum «illegal.» The Constitutional Court suspended the Catalan referendum law, following an appeal from the Spanish government. It will be suspended until the court reaches a decision.

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