Spain: The most pro-independence village in the whole of Catalonia

The village of l’Esquirol in the Osona valley has been ranked as the most pro-independence municipality in the whole of Catalonia. In the last regional elections of 2015, residents voted for pro-independence parties by an overwhelming 92.6 per cent. On Wednesday — the eve of fresh elections on December 21 — Ruptly paid a visit to this small, but symbolic, rural community of 2,200 inhabitants... Еще. The village’s mayor Alex Montaya believes the people of l’Esquirol have a long history of autonomy. “This independent mentality has always been with us for many generations now. Therefore, we already live it. It is not that we want to be independent, but our day-to-day day leads us to independence without having to reclaim or demand it from Spain”, he explained. Montaya hails from the leftist Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya and is one of 700 mayors under a judicial investigation for their role in the independence referendum of October 1. L’Esquirol recently hit the headlines after Montaya was ordered to remove the Estelada flag from the town hall. However, the village’s inhabitants remain defiant, proudly displaying nationalist murals and symbols. The priest of the most pro-independence parish in Catalonia is Pol Badibanga, who originally comes from Congo. He moved to l’Esquirol six years ago following a shortage of priests in the region, and has now mastered the Catalan language. As for upcoming elections, Badibanga is in favour of independence. He said, “my hope is for the unity of the Catalans, and I also look forward to the elections next Thursday, a responsible act for the future, because we have a solid Catalonia, a united Catalonia and an autonomous Catalonia.”

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