Spain: Tensions rise as nationalists rally beside Spain-Catalonia dialogue march

pushing it to happen again. To fight each other just for defending the right to vote. It's shameful» Catalonia immediately. The chief of the Mossos d'Escuadra, this colonel… to jail. Puigdemont: to jail. The President of the Catalan Parliament: to jail.» But wrapping yourself in a flag… that says nothing.» all else! Unity, unity and nothing but unity!» Thousands of people gathered on... Еще Saturday in front of the Madrid city hall urging both governments of Spain and Catalonia to start dialogue over the controversial referendum. Protesters dressed in white gathered in Plaza de Cibeles with banners reading 'let's talk', while chanting 'words are our weapons.' The protest was peaceful, except for a few tense moments when it passed hundreds of flag-waving nationalists, who were calling for punitive measures against the Catalan government. Catalonia held a referendum on October 1 to decide on the region's independence; however, the Spanish government deemed the action 'illegal' and 'unconstitutional.' Catalan leaders have not reconsidered plans to declare independence, possibly next week, following a referendum with 43 percent turnout where 90 percent backed independence from Spain.

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