Spain: Teenagers don blackface and hand out gifts to children in parade

Thousands gathered in Alcoy on Saturday to attend the oldest 'Three Kings' parade in Spain, notable for the hundreds of teens dressed as royal pages and donning blackface. The 'Kings' paraded the streets, kissing children, while the 440 royal pages — aged 16 to 18 — handed out gifts, often climbing ladders to deliver them through the windows of apartments. Reminiscent of other notable... Еще blackface traditions in Europe, such as 'Black Pete' in the Netherlands, the figure has been the subject of some controversy, as it can be seen as being racially insensitive. «It's in no way a racist act; it doesn't have any racist connotation, quite the opposite,» says Raul Llopis, an Alcoy Council member, who insists that the royal page character is beloved and the event has unanimous support among Alcoy's political figures, all of whom are white.

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